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October 28

29 Oct

wedding in Chehalis

on me: Gacias dress from Hautelook



13 Nov

It has been a year since my last post.  Life has been extremely busy filled with personal accomplishments, love, changes and new additions.  I keep finding less and less time for myself, me time.  But i guess i have to “make time” in order to fit everything into a normal life schedule.

PARIS- the city of lights, the city of love and the city of romance.  There are many names to describe Paris but the only way you can experience it is by being there.  You need to breathe the air, listen to the language and eat French baguette with pate!

My very first time in Paris.  It was special and it made me appreciated the short 2 years in high school i spent learning French.  It wasn’t very helpful but I was familiar with it enough to enjoy the experience.  We took the train from London, a very short train ride since we slept almost the whole time we  boarded.  Checked into our hotel, we immediately headed out on foot to the nearest attraction: Jardin du Luxembourg


Such a nice walk.  It was the last day of August and the weather was ideal.  Everyone was out to enjoy the nice weather.  We saw families with kids on the grass, friends laughed together next to their bikes, lovers whispered sweet nothings in each other’s ears on the benches…  I loved Paris already!

DSC_1086Blouse: Lilly Pulitzer Elsa Silk Henley.  Originally $138.  Of course I didn’t pay full price for it.  Sorting through the clearance rack, I found this beauty for $29.  Granted there was a small tear next to the seam near the buttons but nothing my seamstress couldn’t fix for $3.  It is perfect for long flights, train rides or car rides since it is very roomy.  It gives the comfort of being in a big night shirt but the luxury of silk is undeniable for its sophistication.  I like how a material as fancy as silk is being translated in to casual chic with a henley design.

DSC_1139Yes, that’s my Bianca Jane on a Leash Marc Jacob crossbody clutch (see my other blog).  I bring it with me every time I travel because of its perfect size and also the neutral color that can go with anything and everything!   The skinny black leather belt with studs is from J Crew and those pants I just scored a day before I left at Bloomingdale’s Outlet for $15

All the colors of summer can be seen here…. just beautiful…






12 Nov

It’s been a year since I posted my first blog.  A year with many changes,  jobs, getting married, a nephew, a new project…. I found myself focusing on living life and not much recording it.

The leaves are turning yellow, at least in California, we just starting to experience Fall.  The thrill of shopping for wool and cashmere only makes the season my favorite.  My go to outfit usually starts with a tank top underneath to trap warmth and prevent itching from the sweater over it.  Then i’ll add a scarf if it’s sunny out or a jacket or blazer if it’s cool and cloudy.  I wore this sweater on a sunny end of summer day to the beach, it was cool but sunny.

J Crew Wool Blend Sweater and Forever 21 Shorts

Originally, I just wanted a color to contrast with the blue ocean and I opted for a long sleeve sweater because I knew it would be much cooler at the coast line.  I got this J Crew sweater from the outlet store at 40% off with my additional 10% off by showing my student ID, it went down to $37.   Remember to always show your student ID!  It can make a difference in the total price.  Yet, I wanted to be able to run around and dip my feet in the cold water if I wanted to so I went with a pair of cotton short.  My choice of white was to complement the color block sweater.

Custom gold necklace from Persimmon

I got this necklace while on our honeymoon at the Big Island, Hawaii.  It was a chic, simple necklace that I could personalized with my maiden name.  It was a little bit pricey ($85) for what I would have spent on necklaces, but it was gold and personalized.   It had been my favorite layering piece and it encouraged me to wear more gold jewelries

Louis Vuitton wooden stud earrings

What can be more rustic and glamorous at the same time like a pair of Louis Vuitton studs?  The gold monogram stars stand out on the rounded wood studs.  I absolutely am in love with them.  I wear them whenever I can.  I know, not very inexpensive but these were my wedding gifts from my husband.  How could I have said no?

Forever 21 Eyelet shorts

Found them in the Kids section. $14.  Fits perfectly.  Lined but still a little thin so I wore white short short under.  I am always cautious wearing Forever 21 clothes because they tend to be on the thin side.  I love these shorts though.  Those cute buttons!!!

Kate Spade sunglasses

Saw these sunglasses at Sunglass Hut in Hawaii but I couldnt bring myself to buy them there at retail price so I waited until we got back to order them at cost!  Darryl.  That’s what these fabulous shades are named.  I love that the brown color on top of the frame fades into a nice honey color.  And a butterfly shape frame will work on any face! Try it!

View of the day

After a long week at work, I’d rather spend my one day off like this.  Any day.  I even dare to say I choose this over shopping!


4 Feb

We just spent 2 weeks in MA for Christmas so when we got back to the West, we wanted to feel the warm California sun and the soothing waves of the coast.  Monterey was the perfect little get-away destination for us on this beautiful New Year Day.


Let’s start with the accessories that can double as UV protection for the eyes and orbital areas: sun glasses!  I’m Asian and I don’t have a tall nose bridge so a lot of sunglasses don’t fit me well.  Many people get wrapped around sun glasses that sit on their cheeks and not their nose.  Of course it’s fine that way but by noon time, one can feel facial oil and make-up being collected by the frame rubbing against one’s cheeks!  These Dior, carnage collections, are perfect.  They are big enough to keep the harmful UV away and fashionable enough (gradient tint screams high fashion) to go with any outfits and they sit on my nose!

Christian Dior Carnage sunglasses in Black

I’ve been wanting to wear the Theory shirt I got at Nordstrom Rack for months but didn’t get a chance til now.

Theory Banca C blouse in Ivory/Nude Blush

I love the sophisticate collar and the casual henley neckline combination.  A little color-block going on but very muted by the ivory and blush color mix, goes so well with the overall relax fit of the blouse!  100% silk priced at $200 which I scored at 75% off.  Sigh…  Love contemporary bargain shopping 😉

To keep everything else casual, I put on a 360 Cashmere boxy cut cardigan in Heather brown also scored at Nordstrom Rack for $34.98 (original price $228).  And of course, my all-time-favorite 2009 Balenciaga city bag in Officier.

Gold earrings from TJMaxx

Since everything had a warm tone to it, I decided to wear a pair of gold earrings from TJMaxx.  They are a network of lattice in a ball shape.  Very delicate looking but modern as well.  Recently, I have been collecting gold jewelry and trying to stay away from fashion accessories.  It feels nice to invest in a piece of jewelry that I know will last for a long time and hold its value over time.

J Crew Faux Pearl gold necklace with bows

Of course I didn’t want to look too casual so to complement my sophisticated top, I wore a peal necklace from Jcrew.  This was actually a long single strand but I doubled it up for a younger look.  $30. I found it very versatile and timeless.  (I wore the long single strand to 2 weddings last year with solid color dresses).

BP Nordstrom Creston Boots in Tan

I’ve realized my whole outfit pretty much came from Nordstrom/Rack!  I got these boots for full price however!  I wanted them so bad but they never went on sale so I had to get them full-priced.  Tan leather and faux fur linning at $150.  A little pricey but just right for my taste!

They do not fit true to size however.  I read the reviews and ordered a whole size large since most people complained that these fit too small.  So make sure you do your homework before you order shoes online!  They were quite comfortable for all day walking.  Now let’s put the whole outfit together!


T. BABATON AINSLEY silk blouse & BIANCA JANE on a leash – keeping warm under 360CASHMERE

6 Dec

I am very lucky to have an Aritzia boutique 15 mins from home.  As far as I know, they only have 2 locations in North Cali and total of 7 in the U.S.  They were born in Vancouver, Canada in 1984 (just a yr younger than me) and their boutiques provide quite unique garments for the young-fashion-loving crowd.  I scored a silk patterned top from them for half off, made by T. Babaton, named Ainsley in Grid Pattern.  The color matched with my new Bianca Jane perfectly.

T. Babaton silk ruffle pattern top from Aritzia

To break off the mono-tone color, I added a deep purple oversize sweater from 360Cashmere, which I got from Nordstrom Rack for 65% off original price.

360Cashmere oversized sweater wrap

I love the button details because they make it felt more like a coat, more character than just a big warm soft cashmere wrap!

J Crew gold plated giraffe necklace

I actually got this necklace from the outlet store for $17.  Giraffe is my favorite animal and I just have to have it!  Since the whole outfit has a cold-tone to it, I wanted to warm it up with gold jewelry instead of silver.   A little contrast goes a long way….

Tiffany & Co. Mesh ring $250

Of course I was still wearing my favorite ring I got for Xmas last year from Justin.  It’s been a year and it hasn’t been tarnished at all unlike my other silver jewelry.  They said the more you wear silver, the more it stays shinny.  This one is definitely my go to ring.  It’s not overwhelming, chic and has this tough feel to it.  I like it even better when I pair it with girly floral dresses.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Bianca Jane on a leash in Stone

And here is the topic of the day: my current go to bag, the Bianca Jane!

Bianca Jane

Bianca Jane side view

My only complain is that the bag is too light, sometimes I freak out thinking omg where is my bag, while it’s still on my shoulder.  I’m a victim of the big tote bag.  I carry everything with me just to get frustrated when I can’t get to my phone or find my keys.  But I’m telling you, they are in there somewhere.  Here’s a band-aid, do you need it?  How about some emergency bobby pins?  I am so used to have this weight on my right shoulder that when I carry the Bianca bag, it doesn’t feel like it’s there.   That’s my only complain for this adorable bag…

Outfit of the day

Let’s look at those shoes shall we? My go to boots of the month.  I like the little extra 2-inch height that they provide without being overly obvious.  The wedges are excellent for long shopping trips and I love the fur collars.

Report shoes from Nordstrom Rack, $49.95


5 Dec

Christmas came early this week for me! I received a shipment from Barney’s from the Black Friday order and there it was, my new Bianca bag!!! So excited to finally have it in my collection.  In September, I came across a black Marc Jacobs Bianca bag from Aritzia.  It was the perfect size for going out and travel!  I loved the soft leather and the leather strap (aka. no chain marks on shoulder).  I was lucky to find it on sale for $139.  Very lucky because it was sold out within hours at that price!!!  They only had Faded Aluminum (grey/gunmetal), Chianti (deep burgundy) and Stone (beige) on sale but the price easily changed my choice of color.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Bianca Jane on a leash crossbody


  • Don’t let your fashion wander off unattended! Keep it under control with the Marc by Marc Jacobs™ Bianca Jane On A Leash.
  • Mini crossbody bag made of soft Italian cow leather.
  • Holds your currency, credit cards and keys.
  • Detachable and adjustable crossbody strap.
  • Brand name two-tone hardware at front.
  • Top flap twist-lock closure.
  • Gradient fabric interior lining with six credit card slots.
  • Imported.
  • Bottom Width: 7 34 in
  • Middle Width: 7 34 in
  • Top Width: 7 34 in
  • Depth: 1 12 in
  • Height: 5 in
  • Strap Length: 48 in
  • Strap Drop: 22 in
  • Weight: 8 oz

Marc by Marc Jacobs came out with many different version of this bag, at different prices and the turnlocks have different colors.  This one below is the shoulder bag version with chains, available in black, royal purple, gunmetal metallic and jungle metallic

Marc by Marc Jacobs Bianca Jane on a chain shoulder bag

And the shoulder bag (a little shorter length) has a silver turnlock.  They come in different colors besides black, chianti: caramel and vintage blue

Marc by Marc Jacobs Bianca Jane on a leash shoulder bag

I love the size of the bag, it has credit card slots, enough space for cash, iphone and maybe a small camera and keys.  By removing the strap, it can be easily converted into a clutch for going to a party or a night out.  I can see myself doing that or just throw the whole clutch into my big Neverfull when I run errands.

Biance Jane inside